Dwarf with brown red hair green eyes white skin missing left pinkie


Bio Prologue

Draks mom was a ship captain she sailed to many lands from Faerun while on a voyage her crew spotted a dwarf sitting on a raft almost meditating drifting in the ocean. The crew pulled him aboard and on his head saw a strange symbol it was the symbol of a god. Now Draks mom knows it was the symbol of Oghma. Although Drak does not know it his dad was a powerful dwarf wizard that worshiped Oghma. His mom and dad fell in love only 5 nights after he was pulled aboard the ship he vanished in the middle of the night taking only the raft and necklace Drak’s mom gave him. the necklace was a necklace to the god of tides selune called the [[:the eye of the moon]].

when Dark was young he and his mom lived in Waterdeep they had a good life but they could not pay the rent they decided to move to Eartheart in Eastrift a shattered dwarven kingdom there they could start a new life debt free… that plan did not come to pass Drak’s mother soon got ill she was ill for 4 years but managed to pull through it while she was sick Drak had to learn many jobs to work at the young age of twenty (human years). during this time he mostly stayed at home or was a work this kept him from have any social interaction after his mom was well he decided it was time to catch up on school he had been forced to skip those for years in order to keep the house one teacher a dwarf with a long beard and crooked glasses professor Coalcart saw his potential Drak was very smart and Professor urged him to study to become a scholar Drak finished his senior year and immediately started to raise money to go to a special school his mother wasn’t particularly fond of this she had always wanted him to travel to Delzimmer but she still gave all the money he needed to move to the city (city with temple to Oghma) and study to become a great scholar.

The school Drak went to to become a scholar was Ronseters academy here he also had a very influential professor Mr.Ambershard that saw Drak as one of the very best


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